Top Female Twitter Profiles Review 2019

Twitter is an amazing platform where we can express our feelings and opinions freely on any topic. We also get informed about the latest news. Twitter has grown so much in information and all the great news channels are quite popular on twitter. Twitter is not only about news and information, It is also about celebrities. You can follow your favorite celebrity, a news channel or anyone on twitter and you can easily know about their opinions and feelings.

Everyone is one twitter; some people create their account and share their opinion about every matter or people or their personal feelings and some come up with fake accounts just to scroll down the news feed. Fans are allowed to express their love and interests which they have for their favorite artist or celebrity or about their latest record. There are some of the top female twitter accounts that contain a large number of followers. Many consider that top-ranking twitter celebrities also buy twitter followers to increase their engagement.

Katty Perry

Katty Perry is a world-famous pop star as well as a girl kisser. She used to sing in churched but today she has become the biggest music artist in the whole world. She is considered as the most influential woman on Twitter with 108.1 million followers. She mostly posts about her thoughts, opinions and personal messages. She avoids flooding the feed with promotional tweets.


Rihanna, another top musician, and top twitter celebrity. She is a megastar and also an entrepreneur of beauty products. With her day by day growing business with strength, she also managed to grow her twitter family to update them about certain things. She contains 93.7 million followers on twitter. She also used Twitter in criticizing Donald Trump as he used her songs for his rallies. Other than political stuff, she also tweets about promotional stuff, but her profile also contains some personal tweets. Her followers usually follow up on her political tweets.

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift, and amazing pop star on the planet with a huge fame and fortune. She is also the third lady of twitter who contains a large number of followers, almost 84.4 million. She tweets less but her tweets are always very inspirational and influential. Her fans increased due to her impressive thoughts and tweets. In 2018, she only tweeted 20 times in the whole year which shows that are followers are quite patient. According to her follower’s reviews, they have no issue with fewer tweets of swift as long as they are impressive, and they love her so much.

Lady Gaga

She is not only a successful musician and actor but also an influential twitter celebrity. Due to her recent performance in the film “A star is born”, she gained a large number of followers. Now she has 79.5 million followers on Instagram. She responses well to her audience on twitter. Her account usually contains tweets about music and acting as well as about her foundation.

Ellen DeGeneres

She is an amazing talk show host with 78.7 million followers. Her popular Ellen show made her popular and this is the reason for the large fan following on twitter. She has some of the most famous tweets on twitter that contains a huge number of retweets.