Pre-op diet for lap band: what to eat and what to avoid before surgery

Most of the surgeons advise the pre-op diet prior to bariatric surgery. This diet makes the process of surgery safer and smoother for the surgeon and patient as well. It reduces the risk of complication of the surgical procedure and speeds up the recovery after the surgery. This diet actually reduces the stomach fat and shrinks the size of the liver that helps for the positive outcome of the lap band. This diet also prepares your body to follow a post-operative diet that helps to lose weight and heal your stomach after the surgery. If you are undergoing for the bariatric surgery, here are some tips that will help you to follow the pre-op diet for lap band.

Pre-op diet for lap band

You need to take this diet for 2-3 weeks before the surgery and daily calorie intake of this diet is 800-1200 calories per day including 70 to 120 grams of protein. This diet will help the liver to reduce the size. It also reduces the fatty tissues around your liver. Moreover, it prepares your body for a healthy daily life.

Protein shakes:

Protein is the best ingredient when it comes to keep muscles and boost the metabolism of the human body. There are a lot of choices for protein shakes available in the market that is designed for lap band surgery. It is actually a meal replacement and you can take it with skim milk, nut milk, and soya milk.


The pre-op diet includes low-calorie liquids such as low-calorie energy drinks with water. You can also take some flavor enhancer of non-surgery water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and broth.

Caffeine-free Drinks:

Take caffeine-free drinks with no added sugar but you can add nut milk, soy milk or skim milk and sugar-free sweetener to them.

Non-sugary snacks:

You may take non-sugary snacks once a day before the bariatric surgery

Low-calorie soups:

You may consume low-calorie soup but avoid the heavy carb. Prefer vegetable and broth soup

Foods to avoid:

Starchy & high carbohydrate Foods:

You must avoid starches and foods that are high in carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, pizza, cereal, potatoes, and bread.

High-Sugary foods:

The high sugary food items such as pies, cookies, chocolates, cakes, desserts, fruit drinks and more are not allowed in this pre-op diet for lap band. Also, avoid fruit juice because it can increase the daily calorie consumption. But you can take a small amount of fruit juice in this liquid diet.

Fatty Foods:

Avoid these food items that are high in fats such as fried food, cheese, fatty cut of meat. These foods are not high in calorie but it can cause disturb your digestive system. Prefer to take low-fat food and lean meat while you are following the pre-op diet.


This pre-op diet for lap band will help you to make the surgical process easy. Moreover, it also helps you to make healthy choices that lead to getting desired weight loss outcomes after surgery.