Live on TikTok – how to start broadcasting

Music streaming can be a good tool to promote your account. However, not everyone can use this option. To whom it is available and how to broadcast it live on TikTok, we will look further. Using TikTok live, you can increase your followers, likes, and views. Those who can’t use this function should buy TikTok likes and followers to get this functionality on their profiles.

What is it?

Social network developers are constantly expanding the functionality of the service, offering cool and interesting options. One of the new products was the ability to broadcast in TikTok. Thus, the blogger has the chance to get to know followers better by showing them their hobbies, sharing their ideas, asking questions, demonstrating a product, or simply by telling the latest news about them.

Live on TikTok – live video. 

A person deletes everything that happens specifically to them now, and their followers can watch that on their gadgets. Unlike ordinary videos, such content will not be stored on the user’s wall if it is not recorded using a third-party application.

Who can access the functionality?

Only users who meet the following conditions will be able to start live streaming on TikTok:

  • Their account is musically recorded, and the app was downloaded to an iPhone or Android phone. The live function is only possible after authorization of the account.
  • The total number of followers is at least 1,000. Until the user reaches such an audience, he will not be able to broadcast. This function becomes available the same day or the day after the thousandth fan has subscribed to the page. If the fans fade again over time, the ability to shoot will automatically turn off. If you have not 1,000 followers on your profile and want to go live, buy TikTok followers.

The developers have established this condition to reduce the load on TikTok.

Live streaming is free. Its duration is not limited in time. Therefore, the total volume can considerably exceed conventional clips.

How to start broadcasting

To broadcast in TikTok, you must log into your account, specifying the data on the page.


  • Press the button with a “+” image. That it is necessary to activate video recording.
  • A Live icon will appear next to which you must click.
  • The window that opens allows you to write the name of the future broadcast.
  • The “On Air” icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. When you click on it, you can start broadcasting.

Not only followers see it. Other users can access it here if they follow the recommendation flow link.

Step by step instruction

How to live on TikTok?

To do this, you need:

  • Open the app and log in.
  • By clicking on the “+,” you can see the Live icon on the screen. It is necessary to start the conference.
  • After the broadcast begins, the information will appear – the number of viewers, the duration, etc.

Making online registration is easy. In addition, this communication method is very effective in promoting your TikTok page.

What’s the benefit?

Performing live broadcasts on social networks has many advantages over conventional videos:

  • The users receive the latest information directly.
  • The growth of the target audience is faster.
  • Communication with users. It will be particularly useful for those who promote certain goods or services.


A live broadcast with an interesting plot can garner many views, increasing the popularity of the page. But to get there, you have to work hard: think about a topic, prepare a script.

The broadcast can take place during an event, be constructed in the form of questions and answers of a blogger who wants to talk to the whole world about his thoughts and actions.