Why should you launch a brand, not product?

There are two schools of thoughts in the marketing community that either you need a brand or product? One school gives the higher rank to the product as compared to the brand while others consider the brand as the best choice for marketing. Marketing people believe that brand is the absolute winner when you compare the brand and product in this battle. If this is so, think about the role of the marketing plan of the company to communicate the advantages and features that make the brand of this company noticeably superior to its competitors. Read on!

Brands get created Products are created

Brands get created while products are created. Without the physical or digital presence of a product, there is no brand. A training course from an e-learning website is also a product for which students and professionals invest money, and if they receive real-time information from the course, the branding is on. Without a consumer, there is no brand.

Brands are Eternal while Products are not eternal

Remember the time when we were most excited to see a Nokia mobile phone with basic functionalities of calling, SMS, elementary games and others. At present, there are hardly any people who use those primary cell phones, but Nokia is still a favorite of many. With niche technology-driven Nokia Lumia smartphones, it is a trustworthy brand most people love to buy. Even though we have many more smartphone companies in the market, Nokia is eternal and will serve several generations to come.

Brands are Meaningful with Time and Products form Instant Utilities

A product is useful once it is launched in the market. Its utility is realized within a short period as it starts serving the consumer’s needs and purposes. But, a brand has no meaning until customers realize its strength and durability with time. You need to experience a product’s effectiveness at times when they are desperately looked-for, and then the trust develops and grows. It takes time for a brand to win over your heart and mind and convince you with its competent features.

Now that you have understood the distinction between product and brand, if you are a consumer, you can wisely know how to choose between a better brand and better product. If you are a marketing person, you must remember what and how to influence consumers and their brand perceptions and consequently spread your product’s brand value to the world.

Marketers must ensure that the product quality and customer perceptions for the brand name are both critical for market success. For instance, marketers usually promote their brand on Instagram, Facebook etc. not products. They also get Instagram followers to speed up this process and stand up from the rest.

Ultimately, it’s all about the choices users make, but the points mentioned here can focus both consumers and business groups on the right questions and right decisions.

Bottom Line:

So, what school of thoughts do you belong to? Do you think the brand is better than the product? Do you belong to these school of thoughts or somewhere in the middle? We hope this article will help you to understand what is better product or brand. Share your thoughts in the comment section!