Kristina Sunshine Jung life’ biography

Kristina Sunshine Jung aka Kristina Jung is a daughter of notorious cocaine smuggler George Jung. She made the headlines when she appeared in the movie ‘blow’ and her fans took interested in her life after the release of this movie in 2001 because of the relationship of this father-daughter duo. The blow was a drama movie which was based on the life of her life and the ending of this movie was unhappy. In this movie, George was sent to jail (as in real life) and he waited for his daughter to visit him in jail but it never happens in the movie. People want to know what actually happened in the real life of George and Kristina Jung.


She was born in 1978 in Florida, USA. Her parents were involved in illegal activities in the 70s and 80s. Her father was a cocaine smuggler who was sent to jail for a number of times. Her mosther was cocaine-addicted and sent to jail even after her birth. When she was just 6 years old, her parents got separated. She spent her early life in her maternal grandparent’ home. She spent a very troubled childhood unlike other children and she didn’t get a chance to live with her father as he was sent to jail for 20 years.



Her father’ name is George Jung aka Boston Jung who was famous for drug dealing in America during the 70s and early ’80s. He was caught and sent to jail for 20 years. The movie blow depicts the father-daughter sour relationship and it is true in their real life. Some sources claim that she visited her father a few time when he was in jail.


Kristina Sunshine Jung is a writer and poetess as she updated her status on Facebook but she hasn’t used this account since 2014. According to sources, she is writing a book on her mother but it hasn’t released yet. In the movie Blow, she was also acted in a scene where she was a court clerk with Johnny Depp but later that scene was deleted after the request of the federal court. But you can watch this scene in the DVD version of this movie. Currently, she is running a business, a clothing line named “BG Apparel and Merchandise with her father.


There is not much information about her personal life including her husband and children. She tied the knot with Romain Karan and the couple has one daughter together. Her daughter name is Athena Romina Karan. Although it is not known that the duo is still together but according to tabloids the family is living in California and they are living together. 


Name Kristina Sunshine Jung or Kristina Jung
Place of Birth Florida, U.S
Birthdate August 1, 1978
Age  40
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Net worth $150,000.
Spouse/Partner Romain Karan
Children 1
Father George Jung,


Mirtha Jung


Social Media Handle kristina_sunshine_jung