How old is Jacob Sartorius and what is his net worth

How old is Jacob Sartorius and what is his net worth

Jacob Sartorius

  • Jacob Sartorius net worth: $4 million
  • Date of birth: October 2nd year 2002
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17 years
  • Height: 5’8 feet
  • Nationality: American





Social media has played a major role in creating careers for common people. A person who has smartly used their talent and shared it with the world has got famous within days. The best example is Jacob Sartorius. He is famous for his videos. He makes funny videos and he got famous for it. People have loved his work and started following him. He is now a known social media celebrity


Jacob a TikTok star,  was born on October 2nd year 2002. He made tons of videos using different numbers of applications. He got famous for making videos on Lip Sync, TikTok, YouTube. The content in his video is usually humorous. You might be wondering how old id Jacob Sartorius?  He is 17 years old. He is also an adopted kid with lots of talent and fame.  Trey Sartorius and Caroline Sartorius are his parents. He got his fame by making videos on Musically, TikTok and the Vine. He made his single dept music video sweatshirt and got lots for attention. He is an American singer who is an Internet celebrity. He also has other music videos like latest love hit or miss


At such a young age this boy has a huge net worth. Jacob has 4million net worth. His net worth is due to is fame on the internet. He has 8milliom followers on Instagram. Along with creating funny videos, Jacob has also been making a video with his adorable grandmother dancing. He has 1.2 million followers on twitter. In his recent posts, He has been tweeting asking about Netflix’s password from his followers in a hilarious way. And he got one too. He caught the eyes of the audience through musically which is clearly understood by the number of followers and that is 18 million fans. He has also video Posts on TikTok with more them 8 million views. The net worth of Jacob Sartorius is $4million which is no less than a celebrity’s net worth.

Jacob Sartorius net worth
Jacob Sartorius net worth

Interesting facts

He has also shared his recent tattoo. He got a tattoo of Lebron James Who is a basketball legend. He has been known for his humor and with utter humor, he has made a cute caption in his bio on Instagram which is probably related to one of his songs sweatshirt, No you cannot wear my sweatshirt. In his recent tweet, he posted a screenshot where he is seen talking to Justin Beiber in the picture. If you look at this young boy’s tweets you will notice he is great at giving pieces of advice he has got many retweets as he has been giving inspiration to people. Telling people to meditate to calm the mind.


He had been doing Concerts allot and every concert is a hit. He got with a concert in Atlanta us with nick bean and Zyla Head. This was a huge success. His fans are looking forward to more concerts.


Well luckily in 2020 Jacob is single is not rumored with any girl dating. But he has been dating in past years. It was found that Jacob and Millie bobby brown dated but the couple soon ended posting in a tweet and have decided to stay friends.


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