Free and Best offline android games to play without WIFI

Google Play store is loaded with plenty of Android games but most of the best games require internet connectivity to work. This snag can affect your overall gaming experience and limit the players as online gaming offers you multiplayer. In this post, we have gathered a list of best offline android games that have low size and free. You can play these games offline anywhere and anytime on your mobiles or tablets. Check out these games that hail from traditional categories.

Fallout: Shelter

As you know fallout is notable console games and people enjoy every minute of this game. Game lovers enjoy it for hundreds of hours. You can download it on your mobile and it also works with no internet connection. It is probably the perfect game to play while traveling. You need to build a village like SimBuilder game and make everyone joyful. It looks like a typical console game but it has many different features. It has an underground bunker where players can hide after the world was destroyed. You can play it 24/7 and get all the notification without the internet connectivity. Fallout Shelter is considered as an addicting game as everyone can play and enjoy it to kill the time.

Grand Theft Auto

If you’re an aficionado of the Grand Theft Auto franchise on console or desktop, why not enjoy Grand Theft Auto on Android? Developers have ported more than four titles to mobile devices. Most of the games from Grand Theft Auto franchise function without internet or mobile data connection. But keep in mind; you need to download the game files with large size when you have a WIFI connection. This game requires the 1GB game file to open it for the first time.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

A plant vs. Zombies 2 best known as ‘PvZ’ is one of the best offline android games that have stood up beside the test of time. It can be an addicting and entertaining gaming experience for the game lovers. This game is the first suggestion from Google play store when you find the offline android games. When you will play this game for the first time you literally say where I’ve been for the past couple of years. The goal of this game is to protect your plants from zombies’ attack when they walk through the lawn. Shoot the zombies with cherry bombs and upgrade your level by growing the plants when they try to attack. It’s simple, entertaining, fun and addicting game. It could be frustrating when you get a storm with zombies and have to begin all over.

Traffic Rider

The last one on the list is Traffic Rider from the biking category. It takes you to the different note with limitless racing genre using a full career mode. The goal is to drive through the traffic and attain the various points the game offers. A real-life driving view and vibrant graphics give you the joyful gaming experience. Traffic Rider finds its distinguishing adjustable in the fact that the bike uproars have been recorded by real bikes.


We bet you will definitely try these best offline android games from our list that add the valuable game experience. Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite offline android game.