Antisemitic video game available via YouTube

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A scene from the game in which swastikas are displayed
By Daniel Sugarman

CST says it will attempt to get “deeply offensive” footage, which includes Jewish characters being put in an oven or shot, removed.

A video game in which a white supremacist kills black people and Jews has been described as “deeply offensive.”

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Clips on YouTube show footage of “Angry Goy”, a 16-bit computer game credited to “Wheel Maker Studios.”

Freely available to download, the game features a neo-Nazi called “Natt Danelaw” who goes on a killing spree after watching news of “six million” immigrants coming to Europe.

“The gates of Europe have been destroyed by the parasitic (((Leftists)))”, the opening credits read.

“Brown murderers and rapists come freely into these once great nations.

“There is only one solution… a Final Solution.”

Neo-Nazis often use three brackets around a word or name to signify Jewish control, or that the person in question is Jewish.

Antisemitic, racist and homophobic imagery feature throughout the game, with different levels featuring an inner-city ghetto, a college campus and a bank.

The neo-Nazi character kills machete-yielding black refugees who shout “Allahu Akbar,” and also shoots up a refugee crisis centre.

At one point the character forces a Jewish professor into an oven, and later shoots a Jewish bank manager.

Players can unlock “achievements”; for example, when a player achieves a new high score, a picture of Anders Breivik appears. Breivik is currently serving a prison sentence in Norway for the murder of 77 people in 2011.

The game ends with audio of a speech given by Adolf Hitler about the Jews, as an antisemitic conspiracy video plays.

In a pre-game message from the creators, “Angry Goy” is described as “an ironic s***post.” It also says that “the creators of this game are not responsible for any harm or injury that could possibly occur from the use of this game”.

Mark Gardener, director of communications for the Community Security Trust, said: “This is obviously deeply offensive and a deliberate provocation by violent American neo-Nazis.

“We will do our utmost to have it removed from YouTube and any similar mainstream platforms.” …

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3 thoughts on “Antisemitic video game available via YouTube

  1. There should be a link to the “game,” so that we can all report it en masse to You Tube. How insane that it is supporting such a thing.

    1. We did a search on YouTube for ‘Angry Goy’, unfortunately there are dozens of links where ‘CyberNazi’ have uploaded links to the download site.

  2. This should not be allowed to be on YouTube!!! WTH is wrong with them and the people who would create such a game! This world is so full of hatred already without YouTube adding to the ignorance and hatred out there!!!!!!!

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