Shocking video: Jewish children attacked in London

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Stamford Hill London   Israel News Online
Stamford Hill, London (Reuters)

By Gary Willig – Arutz Sheva

Jewish child suffers burns after attackers launch firecracker at Jewish children in London.

A pair of hooded hoodlums launched a lit firecracker at a group of Jewish children who were walking past them on the opposite side of a street in Stamford Hill, London.

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Stamford Hill is populated mainly by religious Jews.

An eight year old Jewish girl suffered burns to her leg after being struck by the firework.

A surveillance camera captured the incident on video, which was uploaded to Twitter by the local Shomrim. The attacker can be seen aiming the firecracker at the children. After the blazing missive is launched at them, the children try to flee in terror.

The attacker’s accomplice is seen fleeing the scene, but a haredi man rushes bravely into the picture and prevents the attacker from escaping as well.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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